Southern California’s

Neighborhood Watch Network


For 40 years, communities have implemented and managed Neighborhood Watch groups and programs as a response to a specific issue, incident or crime.

As soon as these issues or crimes fade away however so does neighborhood participation.

Enter Watch 2.0 (W2), a dynamic 21st Century, next-generation “plug-in” system

that builds upon a Neighborhood Watch foundation to sustain community involvement.

W2 advocates business and neighborhood partnerships to foster community involvement, communication and action.  This team is ideally suited to identify and organize community resources in order to improve the local business landscape, residential quality of life and property values.

W2 teams use easy-to-use software that employs database, resource management, mapping, email marketing and website tools.  Residents without computer or Internet access receive relevant information through neighborhood sponsors and an established “phone tree” system.

Through seasoned community activists and powerful Internet tools,

W2 organizes, manages and connects neighborhoods via a robust and sustained 24/7 network because it engages and acts on a broad array of community issues.

Our Gears

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Click here to view samples of a Sherman Oaks group’s Monthly.
Berk appears on CBS News in Los Angeles to publicize recent car scams against elderly.